Hello there! My name is Trevor Lewis, and I am an empath.

I am on a mission to raise consciousness for myself and everybody around me.

I have been practicing personal improvement since starting my daily practice of meditation in 1976. I have been using a wide variety of self-development programs including breathwork, acting, public speaking, and transformational chiropractic. My many teachers include a mixture of Eastern and Western. My  Eastern disciplines include meditation and pranayama (breathwork).  My Western disciplines include Emotion Clearing and being a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner.

Having been a lifelong empath myself, I now teach other empaths to understand this ability, to master using it for themselves, and to thrive while using it for helping others.


Firstly, because I’ve learned the hard way what it takes to turn being an empath from a liability into an asset. I want to help other people avoid the struggle I went through.  Secondly, because as empaths we are among the leaders of the consciousness eco-system on Earth.  We are a measurement of the spiritual health of the planet and I want every empath to be a healthy, thriving empath.

I have had a 25+ year career in Information Technology for Fortune 200 financial services companies. Originally from London, England, I now live in Asheville North Carolina.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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