Emotional Upgrading Package

Are you ready to live the life that you were born to live? 

Clearing out the old emotional baggage is an essential first step towards becoming a thriving empath.

The “Emotional Upgrading” package consists of four sessions lasting about 45-50 minutes each session:

Session 1:
The initial clearing customized for your personal needs. This includes removing any emotional walls round your heart, clearing blockages to your health, happiness and prosperity along with improving your relationship with both yourself and other people. Like spring-cleaning a house, it is removing old debris before we talk about bringing in new carpets, wallpaper and furniture. Also in this session, we will start to install missing qualities such as any messages of love and acceptance that we should have received from our parents, but didn’t.

Session 2:
We will look at your archetypes, both for your general personality and for your financial characteristics. For example: Are you a warrior or a victim? Are you a financial accumulator or a nurturer?  We will counter your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. We will also use this session to look at any health issues you may have and we will install energetic antidotes to any imbalances you have in your system.

Sessions 3 and 4:
These sessions will be fully customized around your personal needs, whether it is business or romance, past traumas or finding your life purpose.  We can discuss these areas of concern in your free 30 minute consultation when we determine whether it is appropriate for us to work together.

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