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Are you ready to live the life that you were born to live? 

Clearing out the old emotional baggage is an essential first step towards becoming a thriving empath.

What I do

At best, emotions will flow through us in the same way that they flow through healthy children (who can have a temper tantrum one minute and be all smiles the next). When we grow older, these emotions get stuck in our physiology and color our whole outlook on life causing us to feel stuck in outdated patterns of behavior and thought.  Clearing those stuck emotions can help us feel lighter, happier, in more harmony with other people around us and general remove the obstacles that interfere with living the life we were born to live.

The initial “Emotional Upgrading”™ session I usually will do for you fully remotely without you even being on the phone.  I simply tune into your energy and send you a Clearing Report by email when I finish.  We will set an appointment to talk by phone, or in person,

I use a list of emotions to determine which of those are stuck for you and need clearing.  I will share what is specific for you.  I also determine the original owner of the emotions being clearing.  Many of us are living with stuck emotions inherited from our biological parents and our parent’s parents back through the bloodline generations.  We have a chance to break that pattern and to stop it being passed down any further.  So I identify each emotion as being your own or else inherited and, if inherited, from which parental side it was inherited.

When we are young and get hurt, we have a limited ability to defend ourselves, so we create a wall around our heart to avoid getting hurt the same way again.  Each time we get hurt the wall gets a little thicker and a little higher but walls work both ways.  They help to keep the hurt out, but they also keep out the love from other people and hold in our own love and stop it from being fully expressed.  Not everyone has a heart wall, and not everyone who has a heart wall is ready to have it cleared.  For some people, it is appropriate to keep their heart wall until they are strong enough internally, and maybe change their environment, so that the protection the heart wall provides is not needed.  I will do the work that is right for you.

After the heart wall I go on to ask further questions, primarily backward looking, clearing past emotions trapped in the physical body and taking out what should not have been in your environment.  The second half of this work is more forward-looking – centered on installing new strategies for future behaviors that support a healthy and balanced life, adding in what was missing.

What you can expect

I clear emotions stuck in the body, in other words, there is a physiological component to these emotions.  I can clear the emotional body in a matter of minutes; it takes the physical body much longer to process the change.  Emotions can feel the same on their way out as they did on their way in and so a few people experience a mild emotional detox effect, for example tearfulness, shortly after I clear them.  This is a natural part of the process.  During the first two to three days after your clearing, you may experience old thoughts come up that are unrelated to your current activities.  If you start thinking “Where did that thought come from?  I haven’t thought about that in years!” that is a clear indication of old patterns releasing from your body.  Just be aware that you are letting go of old baggage and don’t attach inappropriate importance to what comes up during the release.

You can read some experiences on my “Accolades” page – of course, results may vary!

Although some people experience a new state of ease in their daily life after the initial clearing, for most the first clearing only uncovers another layer underneath.  It is important not to clear too much too quickly as the release process can be overwhelming at times.  For this reason, there are always limits to how much I will clear during the initial clearing.  I usually like people to commit to a package of sessions.  The first session is like sending the cleaning crew into a neglected house to clean the place from top to bottom.  After that first session, we can talk about what color do you want the wallpaper, carpets or hardwood floor, where do you want the furniture?  These follow-on session include the many modalities that I have learnt over the last four decades, basically any way that I can tap into universal energy on your behalf.

Follow-on sessions

We may look at your archetypes, both for your general personality and for your financial characteristics. For example: Are you a warrior or a victim? Are you a financial accumulator or a nurturer?  We will counter your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. We will also use this session to look at any health issues you may have and we will install energetic antidotes to any imbalances you have in your system.

These sessions, lasting about 45-50 minutes each, will be fully customized around your personal needs, whether it is business or romance, past traumas or finding your life purpose.  We can discuss these areas of concern in your free 30 minute consultation when we determine whether it is appropriate for us to work together.


Please contact me to discuss my fees and how I charge (yes, they are distinct and separate). I will always work with the right people regardless of your financial abilities. I want people to be able to afford my work and affordability means something different to each individual.

Legal disclaimer

“Emotional Upgrading”™ sessions are intended to support your spiritual evolution. They are NOT a substitute for medical care and should NOT be regarded as such.  Please refer to a licensed health care provider for any state of mind or body that is impacting your well-being.

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