How do I become a Thriving Empath?

  1. Browse Trevor’s videos
  2. Read Emotional Upgrading: From Chaos to Clarity
  3. Book an appointment with Trevor for your free 45 minute introductory session.
    • We will discuss any questions you may have about the process.
    • If we decide to work together, we will determine what day I will clear you (see step 4 below), and we will book a time to discuss your clearing (see step 6 below). 
  4. Trevor will do an “Emotional Upgrading: From Chaos to Clarity” for you 
    • I will conduct the clearing remotely.
    • I will email a 6 or 7 page Clearing Report to you.
    • The Report will include what emotions were cleared as well as what new strategies and resources were installed for you.
  5. Start feeling the benefits
  6. Discuss your Clearing Report with Trevor in a private one-on-one session (45-60 minutes)
    • We can go into detail about any questions from the Report.
    • We can start working together on specific areas of concern to you. 
  7. Follow-up with emailed questions and with additional one-on-one sessions.