Are you an empath?

“Am I an empath?”
  • Were you described as ‘over-sensitive’ as a child?
  • Do you avoid crowds (or need time to recover after being in a crowd)?
  • Do you sense when someone is not telling the truth?
  • Do you experience emotions for reasons that you often don’t understand and can’t control?
  • Are you aware that you pick up energy from other people?
  • Do you want to master the abilities you know you have but which you hide from the mainstream world around you?
  • And especially, do you want better ways to protect yourself from people (narcissists) who sap your energy?

Did you say yes to most of these questions? Me too!

There’s a name for this. We are empaths! And there are many more of us out there than you probably ever realized.

[Note: Some people consider themselves a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) rather than an empath. For the distinction between the two, click here.]

Looking back, I was an empath all my life, but I was in my early 50’s before I fully realized it. I then spent years researching what it meant, working out how to master this ability, and creating a structure to teach other people how to do what I have done for myself.

Now I am an empath teacher / empath trainer / empath mentor / empath coach for people just like you all over the world.  (More about me here)

I want to save YOU the time and the confusion of learning what I had to learn the hard way. (A lot of incredibly useful information about being an empath here.)

Watch this 3 minute introductory video before you schedule your FREE consultation:

The text is this video is available here.