Learn to Answer Questions w/ Pendulums & Muscle Testing

An online workshop

Use your body’s wisdom to improve your decision making, and IMPROVE YOUR LIFE!

Our mind isn’t always useful. Our body always is!

Tools, such as muscle testing or a pendulum, are great ways to tap into the innate intelligence of our body and bypass the intellect.

 In this 90 minute introduction, you will learn:

• how to trust your body’s wisdom

• the role of these ancient and easy to learn tools in developing your intuition

• different types of muscle testing that you can start using immediately

• how to accurately communicate with your pendulum for yes, no, and other types of answers

• how to ask questions to get clear and precise answers

• how to make changes in your life that YOU CAN TRUST

Required: Bring your own pendulum. Don’t have a pendulum? That’s easy! You can use something like a key or a ring tied to an 8″ piece of string.

Required: Bring your own body. Don’t have a body? We’ll make this work for you too! (Some offbeat English humor there. More to come in the webinar.)

Recommended: A heavy object that can be lifted with one hand. Examples: A 5 lb (10kg) weight, a gallon (3.5l) of liquid. Aim for a weight that is “comfortably challenging” to lift to waist height with a straight arm.

Optional: 6 index cards, or 6 envelopes, or a deck of playing cards – basically, anything you can turn over and shuffle so that you don’t know what is on the face

You will be using your hands during the seminar so decide what works best for you to provide hands-free audio.

There will be plenty of interaction so that you can get all your questions answered.

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