For each of my client sessions I ask to be kept “informed with feedback, questions or comments, positive, negative or neutral” (rather than specifically asking for testimonials). Most of the quotes shown are samples from the feedback I have received or posts in a chat room where I was working. Of course, results do vary from person to person.

  1. ” I felt much calmer and settled after that”

    For my initial clearing I only tell the client the day on which I am going to clear them, I don’t tell them the time. Reason being, I want to see if they can feel when I am clearing them. Sometimes there is a detox reaction as the old emotions are released. Here’s an email I got shortly after finishing working on the client at 12:00 p.m.: I was talking to my partner just before noon […] and I just felt grumpy and irritable but I didn’t sleep very well so i thought maybe that was it. And then almost immediately after the call [with my partner] I felt this urge to open all the windows and just burn incense and cleanse every room in the apartment. I felt much calmer and settled after that. Checked my email and sure enough… [there was your Clearing Report in my email] (G.J., Iowa, USA)

  2. “The constant tension is gone”

    Trevor, thank you for the clearing work this morning.  […] What I realized was that the constant tension in my facial muscles and tongue , which has been there for as long as I can remember is gone.  So much so that its absence is very noticeable.  In my relaxation and meditation exercises I have to continually let the tension out and concentrate on letting those muscles go.  After going through your report I took a short nap and that’s when I realized my face and my tongue were relaxed.  Something I did not expect.  (D.J., Indiana, USA)

  3. “A game changer”
    Hello Trevor, I wanted to thank you deeply for your teachings and meditations. Your talk on empaths and the processing that can happen at night was a game changer for me. I did your chakra closing meditation and my sleep changed immediately this was evident on the data from my smartwatch. It literally changed immediately and I can’t thank you enough. I now do that meditation nightly. I am now trying your light protector meditation and it makes a lot of sense. Thank you for providing such valuable relief. (A.H, “Insight Timer” app)

  4. “Weights have been lifted off me”
    Thank you so much, Trevor. I have a lot to tell you about today’s clearing but I’ll leave that to our meeting on Monday. Let’s just say I feel as if many weights have been lifted off me and I can finally discover who I truly am, laughing and smiling which is not something I’ve done for a long time. (F.E., United Kingdom)

  5. “My friend is amazed”
    Have to tell you about my trip […] yesterday. Went with my good friend J. We usually go 2 or 3 times a year. It’s an hour’s drive and In the past she always drove because I hated it so much. This time I had to drive […], but I didn’t mind at all and [unusually,] had no early morning anxiety about it.
    The day was crazy because we didn’t know until we got there that the town had just resumed electric power after being out for 24 hours due to the previous day’s storm. […] I stayed calm throughout and said, “it’s OK we’ll figure it out”. […] It was a longer day than planned and although tired by the time we headed home, I felt OK.
    J has been my friend for many years and she said she could notice the difference in me. She was amazed at how well I adapted to the events of the day.
    I am feeling calm, positive, guided and watched over. As I told J, I feel as if there is a good future still ahead of me. I was just rereading the accolades on your website and was struck by how many people use that word, positive. That’s how I feel. Thank you for using your gift to help me find that feeling. (S.F., Maine, USA – after working together for 2 months)

  6. “An extraordinary clearing”
    A client shared the following testimonial with his own client base: Over the years, I’ve recommended the work of local practitioners […]. Today I want to mention the emotional clearing work of Trevor Lewis, because I had an extraordinary clearing by him (long distance), and I didn’t even have to do anything! […] I highly recommend Trevor’s work! (C.L., Pennsylvania, USA)

  7. I am so incredibly glad that I found you.”
    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much!!!!!!!
    After our session [yesterday], I felt so incredible and freed.  I fell asleep on my bed and slept almost to 4 p.m. my time.  I missed texts, and calls, my husband having to unlock the door to check on me (which I don’t even remember locking it).  And when I finally woke, I felt amazing!  
    Later I gave my dog some healing on her hips and my hands were heating up quickly and permeating heat through her thick coat. She was very spry after that and wanted to go play outdoors like a puppy [despite her age] lol.  
    I am so incredibly glad that I found you.  You have my deepest respect.
    (S.C., Arizona, USA)

  8. “You are truly gifted”
    For my initial clearing I only tell the client the day on which I am going to clear them, I don’t tell them the time. Here’s an email I got shortly after working on the client between 9 and 9:45 a.m.:About 9:26 this morning I was preparing my coffee. A sudden stream of tears and sadness took over. I had not seen your email [with the clearing report] yet but I knew [you had cleared me] because at that moment my mind was quiet. I didn’t have a chance yet to get worked up. You are truly gifted.” (D.L., Illinois, USA)

  9. “I’m not moved to tears”
    “One difference I notice already (at the end of the [first] day) is that I’m not moved to tears at the drop of a hat. I had an inkling about this, and just tested it by watching a video of a song [from a particular movie] that makes me cry every time. My kids love this movie so I have heard this song maybe a hundred times, not kidding, and every single time, without fail, I would cry. Tonight, I didn’t! Wow! I got chills a couple of times and felt mildly moved. At the big climax, which is the part where I lose it, I was actually smiling, because it felt so different. So normal!

    [and three weeks later…] I’ve been freed of the obsession [towards the person]  I told you about. Poof! It’s hold on me is gone, my clinging to it is gone. It’s like “ok, that happened. No big deal.” Truly. I’ve been nervously waiting [over the last few days] for it to come back, because it’s hard to believe this preoccupation evaporated overnight after being with me for more than a year, but it seems like it’s really done.” (J.D., California USA)
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  10. “Blowing my mind”
    My services also include free check-ins by email or text between scheduled sessions. On this day I got such a text: “Hi Trevor, I’m in the middle of some work right now and feeling very, very blocked. Could you check in please?” So I installed an affirmation for her, “I AM the presence depersonalizing and detaching from this situation or person.” and addedSo, basically, it’s not yours!” I get that you are picking this up from another client (not the one you are focusing work on) who is very blocked … A woman.” My client’s response was “As usual you are blowing my mind :-). Thank you!” (N.G., Maryland, USA)
  11. “Incredibly helpful”
    Sometimes, my abilities as an empath will find me picking up energy from a client “out of the blue”, between scheduled sessions. On this day, I sent a client several detailed paragraphs based on what I was feeling from her starting with “This too will pass!” and going on to say “You are exactly where you need to be.” She replied, “Thank you Trevor! This message is incredibly helpful. Trying to manage my emotions around rough finances and the path we chose to start everything in our lives over again. I’m having trouble being patient and trusting that everything is going to be OK.” (K.M., Florida, USA)
  12. “So grateful”
    I also offer to clear children of clients as part of my services. I found “heartache” to be cleared for one child and commented to her mother “That’s on the heavy side for a 6 year old. Do you know what that could be about?” Her reply was “Oh man, I know what this is. Her step-brother and -sister moved out…lots of drama and heartache for everyone. I’m blown away that you picked it up and so grateful that you cleared it. (N.G., Maryland, USA).
  13. “I felt it”
    I felt something strong shift in me at about the time you finished [remotely clearing me]. I was in a workout class and I felt it. Then on the way home, I started to crying for no reason. It felt like a cry from releasing something. A happy and sad emotion coming out. When I got home, I told [my husband] that I thought you just cleared me and then I saw this email [with your clearing report]. Wow. (C.W., North Carolina, USA)
  14. “Slow down and breathe”
    Sometimes, my abilities as an empath will find me picking up energy from a client “out of the blue”, between scheduled sessions. On this day I wrote to a client, “You are a little frenetic today. Slow down and breathe.” She replied, “It was my first day back in my practice after being away on business trip for 3 weeks. I was in pure chaos when you texted.” (K.M., Pennsylvania, USA)
  15. “I am still totally amazed by this experience”
    Wow I don’t know what to say, what an incredible experience, and I do not know how to thank you enough for doing this for me! I don’t know exactly when you did the clearing but I found myself going through a lot of emotions yesterday and normally I do not have much to any emotions. I felt my heart hurting because I have a hard time opening up to people about how I feel or what I am really interested it because normally people just brush me off because they don’t understand or think I am crazy, or just plainly not interested in the topic.
    I am still totally amazed by this experience, today at lunch I felt more peace within myself, I also felt lighter and more comfortable in public. I also feel a lot more in the present moment which I have been trying to work on for a while, it doesn’t seem like so much work today. I can’t wait to feel the upcoming changes in the new few weeks.
    I’ve been working on becoming a better empath ever since I found out I was one, but is not the easiest journey and I would love your guidance so I am extremely interested in emotional intelligence training/empath and healer coaching and would love to hear more about it.
    Thank you so much! (C.E., USA)
  16. “My creativity has returned”
    So after I and my 3 yr old son received Emotional Clearing work from Trevor, I thought I’d leave some feedback and heartfelt thanks.
    I was the first to receive the work and Trevor was really helpful with what I may or may not experience and talked me through the process…he’s a font of knowledge! I didn’t know exactly what day or time Trevor would do the work for me, only that it’d be a few days after the request. I felt a distinct change in energy on one of the days, I felt lighter, upbeat and positive. It wasn’t too long after I got my report through from Trevor. It indeed had been done on that same day.
    The report was fascinating and confirmed for me some issues I had and where they’d originated from. I loved the affirmations Trevor installed for me and often look back over them. It didn’t stop there, he was happy to answer any questions and has been an ongoing support through my process of change.
    I feel his worked cleared the decks and really opened me up. My creativity has returned and I feel I’ve found my direction once more after feeling lost for so long. I still get lots of ups and downs but I’m better able to cope.
    My experience made me decide to enlist Trevor to do this work for my 3yr old son. There was also a noticeable shift in him once the work was done. He seemed to take a few weeks to settle in to the new energy and Trevor was on hand every step of the way. One of the emotions Trevor cleared for my son came out big time for a little while (which I was pre-warned could happen), it’s settled right down now though. It was lovely to get such an intimate glimpse into my baby’s soul, truly touching and handled so very gently by Trevor.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful work and support you have given us over these months. I highly recommend you and your work to others seeking to free themselves up of baggage that’s not necessarily theirs. Love and Light. (An unsolicited testimonial six months after the initial clearing from G.R., Scotland)
  17. “Amazing transformation!”
    Trevor Lewis has some simple techniques for clearing energy blockages and installing new beliefs and energetic flows. I’ve worked with him for about four months now and the shifts have been profound for my personal energy as well as for my business. Thanks Trevor for the amazing transformation! (An unsolicited testimonial from K.M., North Carolina, USA)
  18. “He listens and affirms my being”
    I met Trevor Lewis “by chance” when we were paired up to speak with one another after attending a business event. We traded gifts. I shared ideas for marketing his business and people with shared values, and he did an emotion clearing for me. It became clear his experiences went beyond my own, yet unlike many who have exceptional abilities; he had a humbleness and gift for empowering others rather than exalting himself.
    After Trevor did my emotion clearing I discovered two potential printing companies for my business within one hour. Prior to that I had spent months unable to find the right partner. When next I saw Trevor, as I was telling him the story, he spontaneously handed me the business card of the fellow I had decided to partner with for my printing. Without knowing why, he had intuitively put that card in his pocket just before meeting with me.
    I consider myself a highly sensitive person, but Trevor uses meditation and mindfulness to develop his abilities beyond anything I can do, or anyone else I have ever met. Trevor has served as a mentor and spiritual guide in my life’s journey. He listens and affirms my being, and helps me find clarity and purpose in my life. I wish to be tuned in like Trevor. Thank you, Trevor. (An unsolicited testimonial from I.R., North Carolina, USA.)
  19. “Your healing has given me hope”
    I would like thank you so much, Trevor, for everything you have done for me. I also appreciate your patience and time you have took to help me. Your healing has given me hope. It’s hard to lean on a complete stranger but you don’t feel like a stranger. Thank you so much. (T.B., USA)
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  20. “On speed dial”
    Thank you for your help getting me through a tough week! You my friend, are amazing!! I have you on speed dial! (J.L., Michigan, USA – two months after initial clearing)
  21. “Spot on”
    I really am very grateful for the time, effort and energy you exerted in my clearing, it is really amazing!
    You did a great job here and all you got was do spot on! I felt some conflicting feelings after the clearing and also felt some ease and comfort with certain areas that were so blocked.
    I could really feel what you worked on and I am so grateful for all this. You are so gifted and it was really very generous of you to offer help and share your amazing ability to those who need it. Many deep thanks and blessings to you (Noha, Egypt)
  22. “I have never felt this positive in my life”
    I do not think I have ever been this comfortable with myself ever I have never in my life felt this much of a release before. I am crying and it is amazing. It feels great. I have never felt this positive in my life, it’s like I have a new look on life and my life and the world and everything. I actually feel like tonight will be great even if it isn’t great. Not sure if that makes sense, but it does to me and it feels amazing. (K.B., Michigan, USA)
  23. “Aligning my life’s purpose”
    After the emotional clearing I felt, lighter and more alive. I feel as if I am moving more in the direction that I want my life to move in, and slowly aligning my life’s purpose with my everyday life. (Michelle, California, USA)
  24. “Blown away!”
    Hey Trevor! All I have to say is oh my goodness!! You hit spot on with everything!
    I am just blown away! thank you so much for doing this! You truly have been given a gift! (Stacey, California, USA)
  25. “Significant strides”
    I think overall I have made significant strides in the areas you have cleared. Thank you for your assistance. (Teresa, Louisiana, USA – 2 months after the initial clearing)
  26. “In sync with the universe”
    I had a sigh of relief letting the old energy release. I have a “lightness” again! The world seems sparkly today as well. I am feeling connected to all again. I want to thank you again for I now feel back in sync with the universe. Best wishes to you! Well done! (D.E., New Jersey, USA).
  27. “Channeling the light”
    Trevor is a Godsend and is always there to help. If you find yourself needing one on one, he is my go to.
    (Two weeks later) I just wanted to let you know that since my clearing everything has been going fantastic! I feel like a new, improved person. I have been grounded, centered, and feeling like I am actually channeling the light. What a wonderful feeling. All of the positivity has been improving every aspect of my life as well. Who knew that I just needed a good “attic cleaning” (Shari, Missouri, USA – 2 months after the initial clearing)
  28. “Pain is gone”
    Thank so very much. I was reading the report and I just started crying. Everything on there made perfect sense. Is it normal to feel different so quickly? I feel more at peace and am ready to let go of the past. For so long I have held on to things that were hurting me. I mean psychically hurting me. I have been to the ER on and off for the past few years for belly pain that the doctors could not figure out. IT IS GONE!! I also don’t feel run down or overwhelmed. I am content to just be. I feel like all is right in the world. Like I can sleep without fear anymore. This is amazing!! How can I ever thank you? I am so humbled to have found you and for your help. (M.C., Oregon, USA)
  29. “Power and love surging through me”
    I woke up feeling incredibly connected to the universe today. I can feel its power and love surging through me. I wanted to spread the love and good vibes to you. You have been so helpful and I appreciate you being there while I am in and out of crisis (S.K., California, USA)
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  30. “Amazing feeling”
    Thank you so much your time and energy. It is amazing. I have to tell you  last night I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden I was really quiet within. It was an amazing peaceful quiet moment. I closed my eyes and say out loud I give you permission. Throughout the evening I started asking myself “why don’t I do this” and “why don’t I do that”, – that nothing is wrong “I can do this and that”. Amazing feeling. (L.H., New Jersey, USA)
  31. “Comfortable within my own skin”
    I have been feeling joyful and content that the future is going to be okay, I have never felt joy like this though, I felt even more comfortable within my own skin, the negative self-talk has seemed to cease, I used to hear it often (A.M., USA)
  32. “Lighter and relaxed”
    I have been feeling amazing. I just checked all my email and realize why. Thank you so much! I feel lighter and relaxed which is awesome. I usually feel bogged down. Thank you again so much you are amazing! (L.H., Mississippi, USA)
  33. “Man, I feel good”
    Ok, I have had some time to process and man, I feel good. I have been doing so much work on myself this last year I was beginning to question my path. Thanks to your clearing I now am reassured that I am awesome! I had a feeling I was holding on to programming from my dad, mostly fear, and it was holding me back drastically. Not anymore. Also I have been very abusive to myself this last year. Not eating well, sleeping well or in general loving myself. Thank you for releasing this. I am repeating some of the affirmations you wrote about and instantly I feel better. Thank you Trevor.
    (Four months later) Trevor is amazing. He cleared me a few months back and life is new and fresh again. There will always be life’s turmoil but with Trevor’s continued help and support I feel strong and in control. (S.K., USA)
  34. “Much better and happier”
    I just wanted to say thank you again for the clearing. I am finally feeling much better and happier (1 month after the initial clearing and additional follow-on work. C., USA)
  35. “Feeling very beautiful and empowered”
    I feel different from when you started. I have definitely felt you sorting things out. … As for what happened at [the age you specified], A LOT. I became pregnant unexpectedly […] and my partner was not supportive at all. On top of that I was dealing with a domestic violence divorce …
    I am noticing I am much more confident in myself, feeling very beautiful as well as empowered and I no longer have a feeling of being alone.” (M.A., USA)
  36. “A weight has been lifted”
    Thank you. I feel like a weight has been lifted (S.R., USA)
  37. “A huge impact”
    I have read my report. I was shocked to say the least. The answer [to the question “Do I know what happened at the specified age”] is yes. I had to calculate back and realized what happened then. You are right. I cried thinking about that time. And yes it has a huge impact on how I’ve been living. The tears coming again writing this. It was a very, very tough and heartbreaking time for me. I literally lost my heart that day. I’ve never been able to get over it. Hopefully now I can. Thank you for helping me see that. I really appreciate this (D.A, USA)
  38. “I can breathe easier”
    Thank you so much Trevor! I am indeed grateful to you indefinitely. I want you to know that I don’t feel that heaviness I felt in my chest for a very long time. I feel like I can breathe easier. As the days go by I will let you know how I progress in my life. Thank you so much again and God bless (J.M., USA)
  39. “Feeling much better”
    Trevor i am feeling much better and I know that it’s because of your clearing.. Thank you…:) God bless you.. (Y.G., USA)
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  40. “I feel fantastic”
    Just wanted to give you some feedback on how it’s all going. I feel fantastic and the negative thought pattern that I had been having trouble shifting has gone. The feelings of isolation and, yes, being unsupported has gone too. (L, Australia)
  41. “Inner calmness”
    Trevor is amazing at clearing. He has given me so much clarity now, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way before. I have such an inner calmness which is so unusual for me. (W.D., Australia)
  42. “New sense of ease”
    Thank you so much, Trevor – for your time and insight. Before I even read the email from you this morning I woke up feeling so good and as the day has gone on I have felt that “new sense of ease”.
    The “unworthy” emotion you cleared that came through me from age 19 really stood out. It was an age where I definitely was feeling all of those emotions. I look forward to being free from these emotions that have been embedded and part of me for so many years. It all makes sense. (J.S., USA)
  43. “A marked difference”
    I do feel different these last couple of days, I feel more at peace and at ease. I feel a better flow of energy through me from nature and divinity.
    (Two weeks later) I just wanted to make sure I properly thanked you for clearing me. I have truly felt a marked difference in the past few weeks, I’ve felt lighter, and more of a sense of well-being. I hope you are able to feel the positive energy returning to you from the thankfulness of those whom you help. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world (H.L., USA)
  44. “Amazing and miraculous”
    Since you cleared me, amazing and miraculous changes are taking place in my life and I am blown away by how wonderful all of this is! I just wanted to touch bases and give you more of an update. Amazing things are happening and healing is taking place. Thank you again for what you have done for me. (Shelly, USA)
  45. “No doubts”
    I forgot to mention how at peace I felt, when I awoke this morning, It has been a long while, since I felt that within. I have no doubts that the clearing will continue to show results as the weeks follow! (H.R., USA)
  46. “Less anxiety”
    Tonight something happened (the details are not important) that I had a bad feeling it was going to…but for the first time I had the power to overcome it and to see clearly and not get so overwhelmed with emotions. It happened thank God after you cleared me and now I am handling it really well…thank you so much!!!!
    (A week later) I have had less anxiety and I feel better altogether, like more positive and more strong. I really hope I’ll stay this way because I was soooo drained before and so blocked. (E, Greece)
  47. “Already I feel a difference”
    Hi Trevor, already I feel a difference from the family inherited issues. I didn’t even realize I did these things or that other people don’t have longing for things they can never have. That alone has given me such peace, you have no idea. (Aubrie, New York, USA)
  48. “Happiness and peace”
    I can’t thank you enough for the happiness and peace you have given to me, a true gift! Thank you so much. (R, New Zealand, 2 weeks after initial clearing)
  49. “Life is transforming rapidly”
    Thank you so very much for the clearing you did and the thorough explanatory report. The age [specified] made sense to me. That was when I entered into a 20 year marriage that was mentally abusive. Many heart walls put up during that time! I found the parental inheritances very interesting and recognized them. The throat chakra, YES!, I have struggled with that one all my life. And the vertebra affirmations were right on also.
    I had an interaction of “closure” with my ex-partner last night and was able to communicate some of my feelings clearly and firmly. Progress.Today I do feel a bit lighter and am not getting so caught up in my emotional body. That feels good. My energy appears to be slowly on the rise.
    (A week later) I just read the affirmations on my report again and am deeply feeling the truth of them. They are so helpful for me. Life is transforming rapidly for me right now. I’ve been going through a difficult breakup with my partner, who I realize I still love deeply on many levels. We were able to start working towards a friendship yesterday. It feels much better than where we were. My emotional field is still processing and I feel the benefits of your clearing still at work. Thank you Trevor. In Gratitude (D.E., USA )
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  50. “A huge shift”
    We saw a big change in [my two year old daughter]. I would say the anxiety is gone by about 80%…..a big change. She started going to the bathroom herself which is a huge shift and she fell asleep last night in 10 minutes peaceful and content. I’m extremely grateful- many thanks to you again.
    For me, I woke up for the first time in 3 years without feeling darkness over me. I feel light and peaceful. The negative thoughts are very minimal. The affirmations that you came up with and installed were perfect. I am so grateful to be able to feel this light and more like “myself”. Words really cannot express what this means to me but I’m sure you understand.
    (A week later) I wanted to let you know that the work you did with [my daughter] and I shifted something in her and me. For me it was just a reminder that I needed to slow down and for her she has become more loving and happy. Thank you so much. (K.M., USA)
  51. “My sleep was the calmest it’s been”
    I’ve woken amazingly in no pain, I took my morphine patch off yesterday, given I would not be able to tell if the work you had done worked in that aspect. I had also done a lot for me physically, normally one or both would have had me pinned to the bed in pain when I woke. But nothing. My muscles have completely relaxed and my sleep was the calmest it’s been, I even dreamt which is a first. [My youngest daughter] is in an amazing mood I came down and she was elated for no particular reason. I am so tired however but a nice tired being my body is now saying heaven, I can’t stay awake and need to sleep it off. (Martine, U.K.)
  52. “I could feel the clearing happen”
    I could feel the clearing happen. First felt something kind of enter my energy and slowly I became more and more relaxed. This was a very welcome relief from the anxiety that crept up on me again. This anxiety was keeping me from being able to breathe and meditate, and I was an emotional time bomb just waiting to detonate and obliterate everything in my path which is very dangerous in my work situation. So, yes your work addressed the issue I initially wrote about. Since I could feel it happening I stopped working and closed my eyes and tried to enter a meditative state for a bit. I was able to breathe freely, slow my thoughts down naturally and I felt so very calm. I felt the energy moving and at one point I stretched and kept stretching a bit. When it was done I stood up and my back popped in 2 places and when reading the report it was exactly where t9 and t5 were. I felt all of my vertebrae align. It was so cool!! Thank you Trevor. Thank you. Thank you. (Kaye, Minnesota, USA)
  53. “Sincere gratitude”
    Hi Trevor! I would had gotten back to you sooner but I was so excited and full of energy yesterday. There were so many wonderful affirmations, I started an affirmation board so I could recite each day. I was amazed by all of it. I was amazed on the vertebra part. I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and lower back. I also have a sensitive stomach. Another interesting thing, I was adopted but have been in contact with my biological family since I was 21. You were right on with them, with your findings. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me, there are not enough words that could express my sincere gratitude that I have. (Paula, USA)
  54. “Miracles”
    I slept like a baby for the whole weekend. I’m a really light sleeper and wake up from the slightest noise and it takes me hours to fall back to sleep. I haven’t slept through the whole night for probably fifteen years without waking up at least three times a night. After the clearing I slept ten hours straight for two nights and even when my kids woke up at 6.30 am on Saturday AND Sunday morning and made noise like only four and one year olds can do I just slept! Unbelievable. I could have slept forever but got up after ten hours because I felt sorry for my husband who had been awake since 6.30 🙂
    (one month later) I think you’re really done miracles for me. I haven’t felt anger for a long time. Quite the opposite: I experience these bursts of happiness many times a day and feel really serene most of the time. Thank you so much! (S.O., Finland)
  55. “Mind blowing”
    Thank you for the amazing work you have done 🙂 it is really appreciated, the sense of peace and clear mindedness I have been developing inside is truly mind blowing. Blessings and many thanks. (Chris, South Africa)
  56. “My intuition has soared”
    Work is going a lot better. I am currently caught up which hasn’t been the case in a very long time. I have been using some shielding techniques to keep people away from me and it has helped a lot. Relationships are going better and it feels like I have the walls down around my heart now. I am happy with myself at work and at home. My finances are better. My intuition has soared and my other abilities are strengthening also. Thanks for all of your help! You have been amazing! (D.S., Australia – 3 months after initial clearing)
  57. “Wow!”
    Wow! Thank you. This has brought tears to my eyes. I do have to admit that, as you found, I have been unable to cry in quite a while. Tears come to the eyes, but not enough to fall. Since you have done your work, it has come close to overflowing; I feel it on the edge and somehow know it will help me…I am hopeful time will make it so, thanks to your work. I am enjoying my kids again, laughing at them and with them. It is nice to feel that again. (C.I., USA)
  58. “Feeling great”
    Just checking in to let you know that I am feeling great after the clearing you gave me. I thought more about the woman friend I was keeping at arm’s length. Something shifted in me, and we are getting along nicely. (L.H., USA)
  59. “I bounce back”
    I notice that my recovery time has lessened threefold. I bounce back from the emotional turmoil situations rather quickly now. It’s a nice change from going days on end feeling crappy to maybe a few hours. Thanks to you, I still am feeling pretty good. (Tami, USA)
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  60. “More myself”
    (1 week after initial clearing) Two or three days ago I was suddenly aware of reacting to an old issue in a different way. And at the moment I feel more enthusiastic, and more ‘myself’, if that makes sense. Also more joyful and freer.
    (2 weeks after initial clearing) Your work is amazing, and I can’t begin to thank you enough. Here’s a list of changes so far:
    I feel completely comfortable with being a sexual being.
    – My shame has gone.
    – I feel strong and powerful.
    – I can stand my own ground without losing my center. There is an underlying sense of determination.
    – I feel enthusiastic and grateful for my life.
    – I trust in divine providence. I feel loved and supported by God.
    – I feel love and joy. My heart is responsive to happy things rather than just sad stuff.
    Trevor, thank you so much(GW, Ireland)
  61. “Huge”
    Wanted to thank you for taking the time to chat and clear with me…also wanted to give you an update [My husband] took his blood pressure and for the first time in a few years it was quite low…this is huge for him. I think it is a combination of things but most importantly the work you have done for him. We cannot thank you enough. (S.L., USA)
  62. “I know I can do it”
    I’m still doing the emotional clearings and about half way through the week a lot of bad past memories came back and I was able to talk about them with my dad. I found out what my triggers are and I was able to face them and I’m feeling better than I did before.
    It surprises me too because i had a lot going on. I had to end a seven year friendship because the person was not respecting me and I faced the emotions associated with my uncle’s death that happened four years ago and I’m still trying to fix the emotions associated with my mother. It’s still a lot to accomplish, but I know that I can do it. (B.Q., USA)
  63. “Comforting”
    I am realizing that I used to start my day trying to figure out what was going to go wrong and what was going to come get me. I never realized this before so it is clearing. Probably directly related to what you cleared on Sunday.
    (A week later) All day I have felt very serene, quietly happy.
    (Two weeks later) So things have been easier with mom today [after you worked on her]. She even laughed a few times. I have not seen this in a long time.
    (10 months later) Thank you! How comforting it is to have someone like you at the other end of the line! Hugs and gratitude. (N.W., USA)
  64. “Clearer”
    [My grandson] had a much better day in school yesterday. He got a prize from the Treasure Chest for his behavior and was very excited about it. You [cleared him] just after his lunch period. They were probably still out on the playground when you started. Seems like a good time to impact him. I would say that he feels clearer and more relaxed, both last night and this morning. (P.M., USA)
  65. “A shining beacon of hope”
    I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done for me. For the first time in my life I am optimistic about the direction in which I am heading. You have been like a shining beacon of hope, in a world that was bathed in darkness and despair. I could never tell you what you have given me, but somehow I think you already know. This year has been a whirlwind of change for me, and I think that if you hadn’t come along I would have never been able to handle it all. (J.B., USA)
  66. “Amazing!”
    Did you literally start the clearing around 7:00PM today [Trevor: Yes, I did!] Around 7:00 I had the breath taken away from me. I was sitting on the couch and was like whoa……what was that?
    (10 months later after a second clearing) Amazing! Very detailed. The funny thing is that I knew when you were doing it again. Just like the first time, I had lost my breath for a few seconds. It was a whoosh feeling. I had to take a deep breathe. You definitely relaxed me. For the first time in months, I slept for over 8 hours. I normally sleep 4-5 hours a night due to various stressors and things on my mind. (Josh, Pennsylvania, USA)
  67. “A stronger spiritual connection”
    That is amazing! You really hit it on the head. It was pretty astonishing how accurate you were in associating issues I had with what age I was when they were most pertinent. I also wanted to mention that this morning had a very different feel to it. I almost felt rebirthed. Everything just seemed more vibrant and lively like a nice new, rejuvenated energy. Definitely felt a stronger spiritual connection than I had been feeling for quite some time, which I was very pleased and happy to welcome back into my life. You have a wonderful gift, thanks for sharing it with me! (K.D., USA)
  68. “I deserve to have all that life can offer me”
    It has been about a week since you cleared things up for me and the change is very noticeable. The energy is flowing more freely and the impediments that I mentioned in our first communication have pretty much disappeared. I have no interest in past behaviors that were holding me back and have even lost my craving for chocolate cake. LOL. I was a confirmed chocoholic and now have little to no interest in it. There is a much more positive outlook in my life and a sense that I deserve to have all that life can offer me. (B.H., Canada)
  69. “At Peace”
    Feeling quite at peace since yesterday. Actually today I had a laughing fit watching something on TV, I could not stop for fifteen minutes. I have not laughed that hard in almost twenty years. I was actually crying I laughed so loud and strong. Thanks. (Scotty, USA)

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