Other experiences

The “Accolades” page contains feedback from clients, primarily in their own words about the emotional impact of the clearing work. 

The following stories are less about the emotional impact and more from the perspective of the intuitive accuracy of my work. Each tells of when I had given information to client with no knowledge of what was going on in their life.

I took that book out of the library”
The following is an extract of the exchange between myself and a client after having just cleared her 5 year old son. 
Trevor: “Well this is a first for me.   I just got directed to the book below for your and your husband’s relationship with [your son] and I didn’t even know the book existed until just now.  I knew about Chapman’s 5 Love Languages for adult relationships.  I was surprised that it came up for your son until I went looking for a children’s version.  The 5 Love Languages of Children, Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell M.D.”
Client’s response: “About a month ago, I took that book out of the library because I want to help him express himself more clearly.  I never did get around to reading it.  Guess I need to check it out again.”

‘I shaved my head’
I had sent a new client the following affirmation: “No matter the limitations of my circumstances, I AM able to manifest healthy hair”
Client’s response: “As for the hair [affirmation], I shaved my head a year and a half ago and it’s still growing back to what it was. Also my hair in the last few years has seemed to be thinner than it used to be.”
This same affirmation came up a few months later for a different client who was under severe stress at the time. She told me afterwards that there had been 5 previous occasions in her  life when, under similarly severe stress, all of her hair had fallen out.

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“Chipped a front tooth”
My collection of affirmations is primarily spiritual and emotional in nature. There are only two that are very physical, the one above about hair and another that reads “I AM the vibrant good health of my teeth and gums”.  I sent this second affirmation to a new client.
Client’s response: “Oh my goodness!!!! Ok, so are you ready for this? Perhaps your mind is not blown that easily anymore, but I am new to this type of thing. My teeth, this weekend a dog lunged at me. I still do not know why or the intent, but he chipped a front tooth and cracked it, bruising the ligaments in the process. I got a minor scrape on my cheek as well, but that is practically healed. I had the tooth repaired Tuesday as best as possible right now.”

“One of the best chiropractors”
I had told a new client that her spine was remarkably clear and had asked if she was getting regular chiropractic care.
Client’s response: “I have scoliosis in 2 places quite severely, but worked extensively for a period of 2 years with one of the best chiropractors in Canada (it took me a long time to find one who could help me), very intuitive!”

“Pregnancy Panic”
The following is my favorite reminder to myself about how right and how wrong I can be, both at the same time. It is an extract of the exchange between myself and a 19 year old woman who I had just cleared for the first time (with her permission) at the request of her mother, a client.
Trevor: “I work with a template of questions and topics that I have developed as the work has grown.  I asked if there was anything to clear for you in regarding your relationship to yourself and got the answer yes.  I then worked through my list of topics for ‘relationship to self’ and got a yes to ‘physical illness’.  My next question was which emotion needs clearing and got to Panic.  There are a few emotions that catch my attention and Panic is one of them (along with Horror, Shock, Terror and a few others).  I then determined that it was your own emotion, not inherited so I asked how old were you when that emotion of panic got trapped in your body and got 18.  Knowing that you are 19 now, I would have expected your mom to say something when she asked me to clear you if there had been a serious illness so I was surprised to find panic getting trapped at 18 years old.  At this point I had the thought “What does an 18 year old girl panic about under the heading of physical illness?”  That was when I made the leap to Oh! She thought she might have been pregnant at 18!”
I wrote her and asked, “So, bluntly, were you having sex when you were 18? Did you miss your period?  Were there a few days when you were worried that you might be pregnant?”
Client: “I was not having sex at 18. I was physical with a boyfriend, but there was no sex. Also, I have never been pregnant or missed a period or anything. However, 18 was when I began to feel panicked and worried about the possibility of becoming pregnant, even though it was not actually a possibility at that time. I continue to feel panic and worry over the possibility. Thank you for clearing that panic. It is a struggle to worry so much so I hope that this helps to ease it. I am a worrier, that is for sure!”

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“Hi, Grandma”
I have never considered myself a medium, someone who communicates with deceased friends and relatives. Then the grandmother of a close friend of mine died. 
I knew my friend was going to be grieving and I went to my list of over 850 affirmations to see if there was anything that was appropriate for me to install for her.  What came back was the affirmation “I AM the complete expression of my Christed Self”.   This struck me as unusual but I installed it for my friend, nevertheless. 
The moment I finished I realized that I had it all wrong.  The affirmation was not to be installed for my friend.  It was her grandmother’s way of getting in touch through me – I could almost feel her gently slapping me round the head.  The affirmation was her way of sending her love and blessings to her granddaughter by saying that she was with Christ and that it was she, herself, who was “the complete expression of her Christed Self!
Skip forward a few more weeks and I was talking to my same friend again and working with her about some of her ongoing issues about her work and her search for a new job.  As usual I went looking for an affirmation for my friend and again got back I AM the complete expression of my Christed Self“.   This time I realized what was going on much faster!  Remember, the odds of getting that affirmation were 1 in 850!  I recognized her grandmother’s “signature tune”.   She was there and wanted to be part of the conversation.