Affirmations for Healing

Healing Yourself & Others

These are sets of 108 affirmations (why 108?) specifically for healing ourselves – and for healing others (aiding the role of Intuitive Healers). Each set is about 10 minutes long.

If you would like to suggest additional tracks, please feel free to reach out using our contact page.

Allow yourself to relax, ideally with your eyes closed (alpha brain waves). Let go of the words and let them float into your subconscious mind.
Release all effort. Release all trying.

  1. For Healing Ourselves
  2. For Health and Wellness
  3. For Healthy Living
  4. For Intuitive Healers
  5. For Spiritual Connection: Hearing Your Team


For Healing Ourselves


For Health and Wellness


For Healthy Living


For Intuitive Healers


For Spiritual Connection: Hearing Your Team

====== Why 108 affirmations? ======

Why 108 affirmations?