Videos, etc.

You CAN reach a point of understanding your empath abilities and turn them from liabilities into assets. These are short videos; usually about 10 minutes each (each video includes the text of the video if you prefer to read rather than watch).
For the full list of videos, click here.

These are audio-only talks in the range of about 40 – 100 minutes in length.
Some examples:
– Empaths: How to Dealt with a Narcissist
– Empaths and Healing: Thriving even with a sensitive nature
– Self-actualization: a spiritual way of being
– Healing the emotions stuck in our body.
For the full list of live talks, click here.

These are sets of 108 affirmations on different topics to enhance your journey. . Allow yourself to relax (alpha brain waves) and enjoy the music (set to 60 beats per minute). Let go of the words and let them float into your subconscious mind. Release all effort. Release all trying.
Each set is about 10 minutes long. Example topics:
– Bravery & Courage.
– Food, Exercise & Body Image.
– Safety & Releasing Fear.
– Self-Esteem.
For the full list of affirmations, click here.