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Are you a healer?

First of all, I use the term in the most general sense. You don’t have to be a nurse, doctor, massage therapist, chiropractor, or reiki master – although if you are, naturally the term applies to you too. Many people are the type of person to whom others will happily tell all of their problems (and at the end of half an hour they walk away feeling great and you, the listener, feel grungy inside and out). If you are that type of person, I consider you to already be a healer.

Secondly, I frequently meet people who feel the need to point out that none of us can really heal anybody else. We can only be facilitators of healing to help other people heal themselves. The person has to want to heal and be prepared to do, for themselves, whatever change work is necessary to move towards wholeness. That said, I like to use one word that sums up the complete concept of being a facilitator for other people’s healing – and that word is “healer!”.  That word encapsulates everything else that goes along with being a healer.

I believe every empath is a healer – whether they know it or not. Whether you are a professional healer, part-time healer, or simply a good listener, you are a healer. It’s true that many empaths go into the healing professions because of their empathic abilities. Other empaths get overwhelmed by emotions and, because of it, choose careers in computing, engineering, or the other sciences.

And the ultra-sensitive empaths get so overwhelmed by other people’s emotions that they shut down to the point of being labeled as autistic. The neuro-typical mainstream world around us doesn’t understand us and makes totally unuseful comments like, “You shouldn’t be so sensitive.”

I work with a lot of healers. They include people who …:

  • don’t know that they are healers
  • are unsure of who they are as healers
  • used to heal but have now paused their healing work
  • aren’t paying attention to their intuition
  • are not taking the next step for whatever reason
  • just need to feel supported. 

Wherever you are in your healing journey, reach out to me. We can share a free 45-minute session to understand how we can best work together to give you the support you need to fulfill your potential as a healer.

Let’s talk.

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