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We can’t close a deal if we have limiting beliefs about what money represents in our life.

Whether we are aware of them or not, we all had beliefs about money and sales programmed into us when we were still very young. My own limiting beliefs included the idea that if I was successful selling my services, I would develop some of the least attractive qualities of my parents.

Using my own techniques on myself has transformed my world and my income. I do the same thing for my clients. I want to share this work with you in a special financial version of my “Emotional Upgrading” package. Each session lasts 45 minutes:

Session One: I look at your whole energy system and do two things: Firstly, I clear out any unresolved emotions that are blocking your creativity and self-expression. Secondly I install positive beliefs to develop under-utilized areas of your personality. The first half is taking out blocks that shouldn’t be there. The second half is putting in strategies that should be there. Week one is a little bit like spring-cleaning a house before we start bringing in new carpets, curtains and furniture.

Session Two: We start to look, specifically, at financial beliefs. We will begin by determining your money archetypes, the characteristics of how you build and handle your wealth. Some areas may be weak and we will need to bolster those areas. In other areas you may already be strong but we can add additional strength to those areas.

Sessions Three and Four: We will customize for the needs of you and your business. Where are your limiting beliefs still showing up in your business? Where are you stopping yourself from being more successful than you are already?

  • We can remove fear and allow your natural enthusiasm to come out
  • We can remove old wounds before they interrupt your sales process
  • We can specifically target your shadow characteristics to remove their restraints.
  • We can look at your strengths and further enhance their benefits.
  • We can teach you start to listening to a more supportive inner voice.

Here are the questions to ask yourself:

  • How much are your limiting beliefs costing you every month?
  • How many more sales could you make if you had fewer limiting beliefs?
  • What would the return on your investment be, if you looked at what you could potentially earn in additional revenue just over the first year?

Take a moment to picture who you can become without your emotional baggage.

See how magnificent you can be when you allow yourself the freedom to play big.

Let’s talk.

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