For scientists, engineers and I.T. pros

Are you living in your head?

Many empaths enter the healing arts, social work or teaching because they have the desire to heal people. Other people get overwhelmed by other people’s emotions and so look to avoid the more empathic professions.

You are probably reading this page because you are in science, engineering or I.T. yourself. You may have tried to distance yourself from feelings and emotions by choosing a career that kept you in your head – and yet here you are now, reading about empaths.

The good news is that I was there myself. The good news is I have been there myself. I spent 38 years as a financial systems analyst being tossed and turned in the maelstrom of corporate life at the mercy of emotions that nobody wanted to talk about. 

Now, having reinvented myself, one of my prime missions in life is to help other empaths go through a shorter, easier, learning curve than I had to go through myself. 

Would you like help? Reach out to me and we can share a free 45 minute session to understand how we can best work together to give you the support you need to feel more at ease in the workplace … and outside of it.