Your Physical Body

Often people will reach out for healing because of problems in their physical body. While I can make changes at that level, I always start with the emotional body. Let me explain why. 

Unresolved emotions are stored in the body and manifest as physical ailments. It takes time for emotional imbalances to show up in the body and, similarly, as the emotional imbalances are resolved through this Emotional Upgrade clearing work, it takes time for the benefits to show up in the body. 

This psycho-physical correlation was documented in the 1980’s by Louise Hay, author of Heal Your Body. Where Louis Hay gives simple one line descriptions of an ailment, its emotional counterpart and an antidotal affirmation, I work from a text that is much more detailed. Michael Lincoln, in Messages From The Body, often gives many paragraphs where Louise Hay gives a single line; frequently in hard hitting phraseology. When working with clients, I will determine which paragraphs are most relevant to the individual. Lincoln does not provide affirmations to counteract the symptoms. The affirmations given are my own (occasionally supplemented with those of Louise Hay). I then use healing energies to install the appropriate affirmations for the clients to assist them in making the necessary changes to their emotional body. The wording of the affirmations given is not sacrosanct and I will usually work individually with my clients to tweak the wording so that the affirmations resonate in the best possible way.

“The truth about our childhood is stored up in our body, and although we can repress it, we can never alter it. Our intellect can be deceived, our feelings manipulated, our perceptions confused, and our body tricked with medication. But someday the body will present its bill, for it is as incorruptible as a child who, still whole in spirit, will accept no compromises or excuses, and it will not stop tormenting us until we stop evading the truth.”  — Alice Miller, “Thou Shalt Not Be Aware

“Every illness or dysfunction a person develops is an indication of a specific type of emotional, psychological, or spiritual stress. Each of the characteristics of an illness, such as its location in the physical body, is symbolically important.” — Carolyn Myss, “The Creation of Health”

“You’re always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.”– Richard Bach, “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah”

Indeed; by undoing the emotional “truth about our childhood”, we can choose “a different past” and in so doing we can choose a different body and a different future. 

Please read the “Steps” page to find out how.