Empaths At Work


This talk stands alongside my one entitled Empaths and Organizations which covers getting embroiled in organizational cultures. This talk covers other aspects of what it takes to move from being a Confused Empath at work to being a full blown Thriving Empath

Working life is tough for any empath. We are expected to get a job done and yet we have to do our job while being constantly bombarded with the emotions of the people around us.

The first thing that any empath needs to be able to do to move from confusion to thriving is to be able to distinguish between what’s mine and what’s theirs.  That is true for any part of an empath’s day but is all the more important at work. We cannot fix ourselves for somebody else’s emotions. Recognizing that the emotions we are feeling at work belong to somebody else is the first step to allowing those emotions to just flow through us without any attachment.

Many of you many feel that on any given day that the emotions you are feeling are x% yours and y% theirs. My experience working with hundreds of empaths suggests that if any percentage is not yours then NONE what is causing your problems is yours – it’s ALL their stuff. You may well have your own emotions operating but these don’t cause the upset and confusion. The problem for us as empaths is processing their stuff and thinking it’s our own. 

After 38 years in corporate life, believe me! I took way too many mental health days trying to recover from other people’s emotions.  I didn’t understand it at the time but I do now that I have learned what being an empath did to my work life.

All of this so far is talking about what it takes to move from being a confused empath to being a stable empath. Once you get to be able to watch yourself processing other people’s emotions there is a second element to move from being a stable empath to actually thriving at work. Namely, the job you are actually doing in your organization is very different from the one they think they are paying you for.

If you have listened to my talk Empaths Thriving as Healers, you will understand that you are a natural healer who is improving your work environment just by being there.  Your manager may control your pay check but your true Boss is a much Higher Authority – God, Spirit, Source or what’re ever name you use to refer to Him, Her or It. Whether you know it or not, you are healing your work environment just by being there. You can’t help it – your frequency raises the frequency of everyone around you. And that job is much more important than anything your manager thinks they are asking you to do.

Let me say it again. The job you are actually doing in your organization is very different from the one they think they are paying you for. 

If you remember that principle, the day-to-day craziness that you have been putting up with will, more easily, take its place against the bigger picture of why you are really spending time in the mad house you call work.

Thank you for listening to this talk. Thank you for helping yourself learn to become a thriving empath.

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