Empaths In Organizations

This talk stands alongside my one entitled Empaths at Work which overs aspects of what it takes to move from being a Confused Empath at work to being a full blown Thriving Empath. This talk covers getting embroiled in organizational cultures.


The best consultants will tell you that, as they moved from one company to another, they became skilled in quickly identifying the corporate culture of their clients. Each company has a unique personality that reflects the people in it, especially its leaders.

In my early days of learning about my abilities as an empath, I found out about corporate cultures firsthand. At the time, I was living in a nice house with my wife and two young children; we were a happy family with everything going for us. I got up one particular morning, had breakfast, kissed them all goodbye, and drove my luxury car to my six-figure job. As I parked in the garage next to the office, I had every reason to feel successful and upbeat. Yet as I walked from the parking lot through the main doors into the office building, I noticed that I began to feel like a failure—an emotion I felt all too often at my workplace.

“What is wrong with me?” I asked myself.

At that moment, I realized the corporate culture of the organization I was working for. It was one of “We’ll get the best work out of you if we keep you off balance and feeling insecure.” It was a false philosophy, of course, but one that was rampant, and encouraged, among the executive management. I had bought into the lie, but once I had seen behind the proverbial curtain, I would never buy into it again. It put me on a mission to talk to my friends who were having the same difficulties in the office and say, “Of course you feel like a failure at work. Of course you feel insecure. It has nothing to do with you. It’s the corporate culture based on wanting you to feel like that.”

Many of you reading this may be realizing for the first time that you have been buying into a scenario like this in your life. It may not be at the office; it may be at church or school or any organization with which you associate. Anywhere there is a social identity, there will be an emotional culture that may overwhelm you. It won’t be in the mission statement or on the marketing pamphlet, but you will hear it and feel it loud and clear. Once you identify the pattern, it will lose its power over you; then use the Light Projector exercise from my other talks to keep yourself insulated.

Bottom line: it is true from most of us as empaths – we are far healthier than we give ourselves credit for. Let me say that again – you are far healthier than you give yourself credit for. 

Most of us as empaths have spent far too much time processing other people’s emotions and then trying to fix ourselves because we thought we were broken. 

We are not broken. We do not need fixing.

When we recognize that we are processing emotions that are not our own, we can detach, and help the person who is the source of those emotions to heal.

Thank you for listening to this talk. Thank you for helping yourself learn to become a thriving empath.

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