Empaths Thriving as Healers in a Changing World


  1. Empaths Thriving as Healers in a Changing World

Hi I’m Trevor Lewis, author of “Thriving As An Empath: Empowering Your Highly Sensitive Self.”  I’ve been an empath all my life and since 2013 I’ve been on a mission to help other empaths learn more easily the lessons I had to learn the hard way.

An ideal skill as an empath is being able to return to a childlike state, where emotions flow effortlessly. I say ideal with the knowledge that there are few, even among thriving empaths, who can easily allow others’ emotions to routinely pass through them. For the confused empath, those very emotions can be mistaken by society for a mental health crisis because that is the limit of mainstream understanding, and there are certainly no scientific measures to identify us. As we better learn how to process other people’s emotions, we become centered and balanced. In turn, this is self-enhancing, as that stability allows us to become more skillful empaths.

So what do I mean by “thriving as healers”?

Let’s get the semantics out of the way, starting off with the difference between healing and curing.

With curing, there is a symptom, a disease, to be removed; however, during this process, the patient does not change. Often, if a symptom is removed without intrinsic healing, different issues will occur until the underlying energetic cause is resolved. When we receive healing, we change as does our relationship to the illness, as we understand what our body had been trying to tell us.

Secondly, the concept that anyone heals another is false. There are only people who help others heal themselves. In fact, there are no healers only facilitators of healing. That said, if we can agree that the word healer really means a facilitator of healing, it is easier to use one word rather than three.

The Light Projector exercise I have referenced in another talk is about sending out energy instead of taking in others’ emotions. This is a healing process. Picking up the energy of others is like a doorbell. Someone is letting us know that they are there, most often because they are in need of help. Sending light and love is answering that call. For an empath not to be healing is like having a front door bell without a front door. “What’s causing those chimes? How do I make them stop?”

When we as empaths are not healing other people we feel sluggish and clogged up. When we get our energy moving by healing other people we start to thrive again.

For thriving empaths, being healers doesn’t mean that we all have to be massage therapists, acupuncturists, or life coaches, although that may be appropriate for some of you. It may be about being a good listener, which most empaths already are. Primarily, healing is about becoming channels for sending energy to people in need. Separately, there is also a strong aspect of healing in finding our soul purpose.

It doesn’t matter whether we are a school teacher or a construction worker. Developing and using our natural talents keeps the energetic flow moving, and as a result, we feel better within ourselves. By aligning with our soul purpose, we raise the level of passion and awareness in the world around us. When we are off purpose, our energy is drained. When we are on purpose, our energy flows, and we help heal our planet. Finding our soul purpose is one of the most significant steps we can take toward healing ourselves.

Where do your gifts lie? What has to happen for you to start using them, or pick up using them from where you may have left off? (Hint: find yourself a coach if you feel challenged answering those questions.)

The more we move in the right direction, the more the Universe will support us by showing us the next, and only the next, step to take. There have been times when I have asked for some idea of what follows, only to be gently reminded, “One step at a time.” We look for patterns and certainty to remain within our comfort zones when we ask, “Okay, now I know what I am supposed to be doing today; what am I going to be doing next week, next month, next year?” We are rarely given those insights. Primarily, most of our questions are best answered by remaining in the present moment. Also, there is a sequence to learning, just as a child starting multiplication doesn’t need to know about algebra and the first-grade reader doesn’t need to comprehend Shakespeare.

My daily inspiration for working as a coach for struggling empaths is threefold:
First, I want confused empaths to learn from my own struggles and to be able to use these abilities without being overwhelmed by them.
Second, I have a vision of a healthy world with as many thriving empaths as possible.
Third, I personally feel better in my own body when I am coaching other empaths.

The instruction to treat your neighbor as yourself is not needed for an empath. We know that the conventional concept of individuality is vastly overrated. When we feel the pain of the world around us, we understand that we cannot hurt another without hurting ourselves. In a world of empaths, crime, inequality, injustice, and wars cannot exist.

Many of us grew up feeling different, misunderstood, isolated, and often, outcast. That is no longer necessary. We are changing as we connect with each other, and in the process, the world around us is also changing. When we consider the possibility that we are evolving into “homo-empathicus,” then we can see empaths as potential forerunners of world peace.

Let me finish with a quote by Jocelyn Daher that has been going viral on social media recently:

If you feel like you don’t fit in, in this world, it is because you are here to help create a new one.

Thank you for listening to this talk. Thank you for helping yourself learn to become a thriving empath. Now go out and help someone heal – you’ll feel better for it!

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