Factors that influence us as empaths


Hi I’m Trevor Lewis, author of “Thriving As An Empath: Empowering Your Highly Sensitive Self.”  I’ve been an empath all my life and since 2013 I’ve been on a mission to help other empaths learn more easily the lessons I had to learn the hard way.
This video is about the Factors that Influence Us as Empaths

There are eight factors (updated from the video) I want to talk about that affect how we pick up energy from other people:

They are:

#1 Our sensitivity to Receiving
#2 Their Strength Sending
#3 Awareness
#4 Our Unprocessed Emotions
#5 Their Denial

#6 Bloodlines
#7 Emotional Connections
#8 Physical Proximity

For the first two, the analogy of a radio works well:

  • #1 Our sensitivity to Receiving

Like a good radio, our sensitivity as receivers will factor into how much energy we pick up. People who are stronger receivers than most others are the people we call Empaths

  • #2 Their Strength Sending

Some people transmit their energy more strongly than others, and the depth of the emotions that they are experiencing will also turn up the volume that they are sending out.

  • #3 Our Awareness
    The unaware person may be just as sensitive as the aware person. The latter will understand why they have mood swings; the former will not.
  • #4 Our Own Unprocessed Emotions
    (This item is an updated from the video)
    The more unresolved emotions we have of our own, the more confused we will be when processing other people’s emotions.
  • #5 Their Denial
    The more the other person is in denial about their emotions, the more the empath will be inclined to process the other person’s energy for them.

This is an important one to remember. It is not difficult for us to be around someone who is really owning their emotions. In fact it can even be energizing for us, even if those emotions are intense. On the other hand, most empaths are used to going up to someone and saying “What’s wrong?” because we know that there is something going on for them, only to be told “Wrong? Nothing’s wrong! I’m fine!”

Again, the more the other person is in denial, the more we have to process their emotions for them.

  • #6 Bloodlines
    Blood relatives will affect us regardless of where in the world we are and whether we are thinking about them or not. The link between sender and receiver is often stronger where there is a blood connection. Even the mainstream world understands this.  It is well accepted that a mother can often tune into her children even when they are far from sight. And the other way round, empath children may process the emotions of their parents or siblings long into adulthood.
  • #7 Emotional Connections
    Friends and acquaintances will impact us primarily based on the strength of the emotional connection we have to them, or them to us, largely without regard to physical proximity. The stronger the emotional connection is, the less important the physical proximity is. Having worked from home for many years with teams spread all over the country, I have picked up energy from managers and teammates regardless of location.
  • #8 Physical Proximity
    Neighbors and strangers will influence us based on physical proximity. This is true for the people living in our neighborhood and the strangers we brush up against in the shopping mall or grocery store.

Thank you for listening to this talk. Thank you for helping yourself learn to become a thriving empath.

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