World Finances

International Currencies

Most of my clients live in the United States, so on my Finances page I list my fees in United States dollars. However, many of my international clients like to have guidance for their local currencies. The table below is only meant as a very rough approximation. The amounts are intended to take into account local exchange rates as well as average income in each country.

A better guide may be to match whatever the going rate is in YOUR country for a top quality healer and coach.

Please remember that I actually work on a donation basis with a USD $25 minimum. My work should be affordable for you wherever you live, whatever your circumstances.

Country – Amount – Currency
Australia: 300 dollars (AUD)
Canada: 350 dollars (CAD)
European Union: 240 euros (EUR)
Egypt: 1,500 pounds (EGP)
India: 15,000 rupees (INR)
Israel: 500 shekels (ILS)
Jordan: 250 dinars (JOD)
New Zealand: 300 dollars (AUD)
S. Africa: 1,700 rand (SAR)
U.K.: 200 pounds (GBP)
U.S.: 279 dollars (USD)

The list above should also give you some flavor for how much this work has spread around the globe.

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