Learn to become a Thriving Empath

Learn to become a Thriving Empath

Learn to become a Thriving Empath by coaching with an empath teacher who has trained, coached and mentored empaths around the world.

Start with these steps

  1. Browse Trevor’s videos
  2. Read Emotional Upgrading: From Chaos to Clarity
  3. Book an appointment with Trevor for your free 45 minute introductory session.
    • We will discuss any questions you may have about the process.
    • If we decide to work together, we will determine what day I will clear you (see step 4 below), and we will book a time to discuss your clearing (see step 6 below).
  4. Trevor will do an “Emotional Upgrading: From Chaos to Clarity” for you
    • I will conduct the clearing remotely.
    • I will email a 6 or 7 page Clearing Report to you.
    • The Report will include what emotions were cleared as well as what new strategies and resources were installed for you.
  5. Start feeling the benefits
  6. Discuss your Clearing Report with Trevor in a private one-on-one session(45-60 minutes)
    • We can go into detail about any questions from the Report.
    • We can start working together on specific areas of concern to you.
  7. Follow-up with emailed questions and with additional one-on-one sessions.

You have taken the first steps to learn to become a Thriving Empath.

You will move from:
A Confused Empath
The confused empath spends much of their life overwhelmed. This is primarily caused by either not understanding that they are processing so much from other people or if they do understand, not knowing what to do about it. I will help you to understand who you are, what is happening to you, and especially what to do about it, so you can become a stable empath.
A Stable Empath
The stable empath understands their tendency to process energy from other people and quickly recognizes when they start taking on that energy. They are in the process of mastering their tools and techniques, and they know that that it takes practice to become a thriving empath. If you are already a stable empath, coaching with Trevor will give you additional processes to help you on your way.
To finally:
A Thriving Empath
The thriving empath instinctively recognizes when they are running someone else’s energy. They can quickly apply tools and techniques to protect themselves and to help the other person. They are transitioning from becoming a passive, receptive empath to becoming an active healer. The more the thriving empaths help others, the more the empaths will help themselves.

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