Understanding Empath Abilities

Understanding empath abilities is not that difficult. Sure the mainstream, neuro-typical, world doesn’t understand us – but that doesn’t make our abilities any less real. And you CAN master these abilities so that they become less of a curse and more of a blessing.

Being empathic (or empathetic) means a personal identification with the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of others. Tell me what you are going through and I can empathize if I have gone through the same, or a very similar life experience. The term is usually only used in the context of a conscious awareness between two people.

Being an empath means having the ability to experience the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of other people as if they were your own. There may be no conscious awareness by you, the empath, of the person whose emotions you are feeling. They may feel like yours. Your mind will try to justify them as yours. You will feel the emotions in your body as if it is yours. But it’s NOT yours, it’s THEIRS. You will never succeed in ‘fixing’ the emotions that aren’t yours until you realize that they belong to someone else. The less emotional baggage that you have of your own, the easier it is to recognize what is not yours. In order to help distinguish between your emotions and those of others, I provide emotional clearing sessions to help free you from your emotional baggage. Together, we can move forward as I help you learn how to master your abilities.

You CAN reach a point of understanding your empath abilities. See “Videos” to learn more.

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