Disavowing vows

This process is one of THE most life changing processes that I share with my clients. Certainly, given that it only takes a few minutes to share, it has the most powerful impact for the amount of time invested.

What’s it about?

Vows may be left over from past lives.  They can be the usual ones of poverty, chastity and the like, or they may take the form of ‘Never again!’ about something, usually in response to something that got us killed in a previous life.  For instance, if you still have a vow of poverty left over from a previous lifetime, you may well have challenges hanging onto money in this current one.  Whatever the vows, if they are still active, they may be getting in the way of what you are trying to do in this lifetime.

Time to disavow!  This is something you have to do for yourself, I cannot do this for you.  Like the original vows, this disavowing usually only needs to be said once to take full effect.

Let me share my own story:

My teacher took me through this process of disavowing vows back in 2012. She didn’t explain the impact of this process, she just took me through it. It was another 6 months before I realized that it was almost certainly this process that changed my life. It was a few weeks after I went through disavowing vows that my inner world opened up in a huge way and it was then that I started doing the emotion clearing work that is at the core of everything that I do with my clients.  When I realized the connection between the two I also connected with what I believe to be the circumstances of the original vows that had been holding me back.

I don’t necessarily believe what I am about to say to be “true”, in the sense of “factually accurate”. I certainly find this version of events to be useful in my view of the world.  Namely, I had a life as the leader, a spiritual Merlin, for my community in around the year 1200.  Despite all of the power I had in that life (and perhaps because of that power) my community was massacred and I was given a public execution, probably in the form of being hung, drawn and quartered. Not pleasant to say the least! In the process of leaving that life, I swore “Never again” and so, in every life ever since I have juggled the conflict between “I’ve got all of this power” and “I’m not going to use it.” The process of disavowing vows dissolved this conflict and and freed me once more to be doing the work helping people that I am meant to be doing in the world.

Does something resonate in this for you?

If not, no worries. I certainly don’t share this process with all my clients. But when I do, the impact can be life changing.

Please feel free to contact me and we can talk about whether working together is something that could be useful for you.

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