Empath Support Groups

Empath Support Groups

Group Empath Coaching & Group Energy Healing

“Why would I attend an empath support group?”

  • Find out how to turn your empath ability from a curse to a blessing in a group setting.
  • Not everybody can afford private one-on-one coaching and healing work. These support groups enable everyone to work with me regardless of available finances.
  • We can learn from other people, sometimes all the faster, when the spotlight is not us the way it is for individual coaching. Often someone else will ask a question that we didn’t think to ask or didn’t know how to ask.
  • Lots of “Ah ha – me too!” moments when people share their experiences.
  • Empaths can meet other empaths and gain support from new members of your personal vibe tribe.
  • The energy of each additional individual amplifies the healing energy of the group exponentially. It is worth adding that a group of empaths is infinitely more coherent than a group of the same number of individuals in the mainstream world. The energy is less draining and more energizing.

The format of these groups varies according to the needs of the group. some days it consists primarily of conversation and education, other days I may be doing more one-on-one energy healing and clearing work with members of the group.

I like to talk to new people before I put them into a support group. Please set up a time for a free consultation with me.

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