Urgent Care

I want all my clients to know that I am accessible via email between sessions. Here’s some context to clarify this statement:

As empaths, we often process energies from others without realizing it. These energies can come from friends, neighbors, coworkers, or even lifelong acquaintances like parents and siblings. Regardless of whether these individuals are in close proximity or on another continent, we can still pick up their energy.

If you’re unsure whose energy you’re processing, I can use my intuition to narrow it down to a specific group of people. We can then review a shortlist of three to five names, and I can pinpoint the relevant individual. Once identified, you can use the Light Projector Exercise to clear that energy.

If you are already sure whose energy you’re processing but are still having trouble, we can usually resolve the issue within our regular sessions.

When to contact me
I find the physical health care system analogy helpful:

a) If you’re facing a physical emergency that threatens your immediate well-being, you should visit the nearest hospital emergency room or call an ambulance.
b) If your mental and emotional well-being is in crisis, do NOT contact me. Instead, reach out to your LOCAL emergency services.

a) For physical needs that require fast attention but aren’t emergencies, there are urgent care facilities available (a.k.a. walk-in centers or minor injuries units in the U.K.).
b) If you need mental, spiritual, or emotional support for something that is not an emergency but still needs fast attention, please contact me via email or WhatsApp. If I don’t respond within 6 hours, try reaching out to me through a different medium.

a) For non-urgent physical needs, you would schedule an appointment with your regular doctor.
b) For non-urgent mental, spiritual, and emotional support needs, please schedule an appointment with me.

Thank you,